Monday, February 25, 2008

Wonderful weekends

David and I have had a couple of great weekends lately. February 16, we traveled to Mt. Vernon, Illinois to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of our best man and his wife. It was a great trip, although southern Illinois is NOT my idea of beautiful scenery. That is, unless you enjoy looking at oil wells and flooded corn fields. But the folks we visited were terrific folks, and they have been happily married for 13 years longer than David and I, which is very inspiring.

This past weekend (February 22), we traveled to Chattanooga to visit the Princess and her mom and dad. It's been almost two months since we last saw our little granddaughter, and you had better believe we have missed her! I was just talking to my cousin Lib. Lib said it was a shame we didn't live closer to the Princess. I told her I believe I could see that baby every day, and I wouldn't get tired of her! They change so much in just a few months' time.

Our little granddaughter is so helpful. I do not remember any of my three children being as obedient or helpful as this child, especially at the tender age of 18 months! She starts off her day by "putting away" her pacifier (she pitches it into the crib), and then clapping for herself. She puts away her toys (or at least makes an effort), puts away her shoes, puts away pot holders, puts trash in the trash can...Absolutely a wonderful helper.

Sunday morning, her mama left her at the house with Grandpa and Granny (who she calls Bub-baw and Bubbi). She was already dressed this time, so I didn't have to pick her up by the seat of her little white tights and bounce her up and down to get her the rest of the way into them. We puttered around getting ready for church. Just as we were about to head out the door, grandbaby grabbed a little bowl of cheerios from me for her diaper bag. The lid came off the bowl, and cheerios flew all around the living room. Grand hopped down and started picking up cheerios to put in the trash. She ran into the kitchen, popped the lid on the garbage can, dropped in a handful of cheerios, then peered over to look into the can. What did she see? A banana peel! She grabbed it and pulled it out. She had been watching grown-ups peeling and eating bananas, but still hasn't mastered that skill herself. Apparently, she also hasn't learned that the PEEL is NOT the part you eat! I came in and took the peel from her and then gave her some fresh banana. She had several pieces ("Mo, peese"). When she was satisfied, she put her piece of banana into her little Dora chair and started to sit down on it. Fortunately, I stopped her before she got banana all over the seat of her dress.

I tell you, you have to watch that child like a hawk. It's a job I relish.

Good night to all, and God bless.

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