Saturday, March 14, 2009


This was composed in honor of my son.

Bark bark bark bark bark
Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark
Bark bark bark bark crap.

So what's new?

For starters, I got hooked on Facebook (thank you so much, children) and spend WAAAAAAAAAAAY more time there than I do on my blog now (poor deserted thing). It's all right, though, I believe this inanimate blog will forgive me! (How's that for an oxymoronic idea?)

On to life in general...It's been good. I had something that resembled a cold while the rest of the county was running around with something that resembled the flu. It looks like we are all recovering, and I didn't have to go see a doctor; I only opened a new box of Kleenex. It's starting to look like my mother's house here now, with boxes of tissues in every room. I also had a visit to the dentist that did not go without trauma--while the hygienist was flossing my teeth after the cleaning, she managed to flip the back off a Lumineer on one of my front teeth. The dentist was able to replace it that day, but, with the exception of the wonderful gas, that was an experience I DON'T want to repeat anytime soon--and then I had to have a filling (I got that yesterday). Yuck.

Family news around here is mixed. My cousins in Louisville are doing well. Cousin-in-law Dexter celebrated his 91st birthday the other day (the birthday was the 3rd, and we celebrated on the 6th). That was a good time for all involved. ReeRee, another Louisville cousin, was with her son when his new daughter came into the world the next day.

Aniel seems to be fine. We got to spend Valentine's Day weekend with them, which involved a road trip somewhere looking for shoes plus an entire day shopping. We also got a chance to visit with their friends Santosh, Dora, and Grace (they have a fourth family member now, beautiful Gloria). Aniel and the royal family are leaving on vacation today to Gulf Shores (more specifically, Orange Beach), and I hope theyall have a fantastic time!

The royal family is okay. We spent the weekend of the first Sunday of Lent at the palace. The Wee One is wonderful and performing all sorts of tricks, such as eating anything you put on a spoon--except mashed potatoes! (Go figure.) The Princess informed me this week, "Granny, I have to have surgery." (Big word for a two year old, isn't it?) When I asked her why, she replied, "My ears are broke." She has frequent ear infections and has had a lot of antibiotics this winter, so the ENT suggested removal of her adenoids, as well as replacement of tubes. Her mom said Co failed her first and only hearing test to date. David and I had suspected her hearing was not good when we were visiting--what family took as terrible two stubbornness, we saw as perhaps a hearing impairment. The doctor thinks the impairment will vanish after the surgery, and that's our prayer, too.

Update on Cora's ears and hearing from Lydia:
She has had hearing exams before at the ENT's office and has passed them. The doctor said the reason she probably failed this recent one was because she'd had a recent infection and probably still had fluid on her ears. He has NOT diagnosed her as having a hearing impairment. Following her surgery, she will have routine tests done over the next couple of months to check her hearing. We are expecting them to be fine and for her to pass them. I have a hard time believing a little girl who can sing in key and keep the melody going could have a hearing impairment. Also, for someone who is two and can say Chattnooda, I'd say she does pretty well. I may be in denial, but I really don't think that is the case.

Bubba received rotten news at a meeting yesterday at TIU. The recession has finally hit too close to home, and his job disappeared. Fortunately, he got six-weeks' pay and two-months' coverage of his COBRA benefits, but the job that he loved, the one that was created just for him, is no more. He is in mourning. He has no plans right now, other than to clean out his office. He figures he'll get around to planning later. Jokingly, his father suggested on Thursday (before the Friday meeting), that he might want to think of ministry to the homeless! What was funny on Thursday is too close for comfort on Friday and Saturday.

Future plans for Monkey Mama include a trip to Chattanooga to care for the Princess after her surgery. The surgery will be March 25, and I know prayers will be appreciated. We've been told she will be back at full throttle in two or three days--I would predict two or three hours, if that long. The child has only two gears: overdrive and park. That should be fun.

The week that includes April Fool's Day, David will be home on vacation. We have guests coming in from Minnesota/Chicago that week for three days (Monday-Thursday). We're going to put up some nails around the computer room and hang 1 medium-sized and 2 little boys from the nails--I need to tell their mommy to be sure and dress them in overalls so that we don't put holes in their shirts! I figure we can turn the port-a-crib over on top of the two-year-old girl to contain her. Then we can put the parents in the guest room and poor Bubba on the couch, which is where he usually ends up when he comes down anyway. It looks like a good time is in the works!

Nearly forgot! I had a birthday! Thanks to all the friends from facebook who sent greetings. In addition, I got to work at Friendship that morning and spent considerable time with a little fellow named Charlie. That afternoon, I got to work at the front desk at the hospital with my second-Thursday pal, Frances, and that was enjoyable. David took me out to supper at our favorite Chinese restaurant Thursday night, and when our bill came, the bill was missing! The owners had treated us. Very, very nice! That evening I had phone calls from all my children, my grandchildren, and two of my adopted children, which was great. I got a video of the Princess singing happy birthday and a second video of Sippy's class wishing a happy birthday to "Mrs. Brown's mom." And of course there were cards...An absolutely wonderful day, folks!

I hope this sort of catches you up with what has been going on with me. Love to all, and God bless.