Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snowbound and loving it!

Today is day two of the great snow of 2008. I've only left the house once in the last 48 hours, to go to the mailbox to post valentines--I walked very carefully, mind you, and I didn't go back out after the mailman came. I had plans to go to exercise class today at the Pavilion, but my car was sort of snow-covered and I didn't want to dig it out. I called Dorothy, a fellow Silver Sneaker who lives near me, to see if she were going. She laughed and said no, that she didn't want to dig out her car! So we are enjoying a day of hooky.

This evening, we had reservations for the youth-prepared fellowship meal at church--sounded good, too, chicken parmesan. I called the church to see what the plan was for that, and it has been postponed until next week. Matter of fact, all the evening activities at church were canceled! (At least Carla thought they were--we're not sure about choir, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going!)

How bad was this snow? Who knows? Our road is clear in front of the house, but I'm not going out to measure the depth. Looks like about 4 inches on the car. David was home by 3:00 yesterday afternoon--apparently Toyota did not have a full house, and efficiency was suffering, so they let folks leave. And here's a sign that my girls can relate to: Frankfort Independent canceled classes for two days in a row. They were already posting cancellation notices by yesterday afternoon! I talked to Joyce this morning. She said that there had been a problem with a leaky roof. Considering this is the school where my son watched the principal and vice-principal circumnavigate the playground in a row boat, it must be some leaky roof!

Love to all. Stay warm, and God bless.


Everett said...

Congratulations on getting some good snow. We got another four inches yesterday. It was very pretty, white, fluffy, dry snow that glistens in the sunlight this morning.

Mrs. Allroro said...

We're having a snow day! There's no snow at my apartment, but aparently the roads were icey, especially bridges and overpasses.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

PIctures! PIctures! (You too, Everett! I am begging for snow pictures!)