Saturday, March 31, 2007


For quite a few years I've had a problem with depression. Just within the last couple of years, though, I thought I had it licked--I'm on a drug called Zoloft, which up until last week seemed to be all I need. Now with the forced change in diet, I am back in the depths, seems like. I hate to plan meals, I hate to cook, I hate to clean up--all things which up until this week were enjoyable. I guess I'll get over it, but it's going to take a while. Take care, and if you're having a good day, keep on having it! Love to all, and God bless.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Giving up carbs at Easter is hard. One of the things I am going to miss most is Peeps. I walked by them several times at the store today and never even picked them up. Peeps, Mellocreams (I think that's what Brach's calls them), Whoppers, candy corn--I can do it, though. If you are a lover of Peeps and a scientist, you might want to consult this site: Of course, due to my inadequacies as a blogger, you are responsible for copying and pasting this on your own. Love to all, and God bless.

Monday, March 26, 2007

What's new?

I guess it's about time I update this blog. I'm trying to remember what all happened since February whenever it was.

For one thing, I got to spend most of a week with Cora down in Chattanooga. She was sick again, which is bad, but she is all better now, which is good. She and I had a great time. I do love that baby. A highlight of that trip was making it through the roundabout on the second try! I am getting better as I get older.

Then came March. What happened in March? For one thing, I turned 60. David gave me a beautiful opal necklace, which I lost--but we found it again, in a garbage bag. Now I just have to take it to town to get a longer chain. Joann (Plum Tree) thinks just a couple of inches longer would be really good. So do I.

I had nice visits with my girls. Ann and Daniel came up last weekend (March 16-18) to celebrate my birthday, which was fun. They talked us into going to see Amazing Grace at the movies--great movie, by the way. We also had some fun shopping at the Fayette Mall, which I haven't visited in at least six months (not even Christmas!). This past week Lydia, Geron, and Cora came for a visit. Geron installed my new computer, along with a web cam and Skype set up. You techie folks will know what Skype is--I've used it once, to talk to Geron last Saturday.

Last week I finally got around to making the yearly doctor's appointment. My bad--I guess I missed it last year--so this was a biannual visit. Things went pretty well during the visit, but blood work came back all screwy. I had a follow-up visit today and got the news that now I am even sweeter than I was before--I've developed type 2 diabetes. So I am in the process of learning how to monitor blood sugar, what to eat and what to avoid (my doctor says if it even looks like it might have white sugar in it, avoid it), and experimenting with medicines to see which ones will get this sky-high blood sugar under control David says he is going to help me out. We'll see what develops. I really like my doctor, even though he is a veritable whipper-snapper. I think he and I (with God's help) can get through this.

Love to all, and God bless.