Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun Times A-Coming!

This should be a good weekend coming up. Monday is Dexter's 90th birthday, and the folks are having a party tomorrow. Lib says that after this one, he doesn't get another one until he turns 100! Seeing that he is in pretty darn good health right now, 100 isn't out of the question. On the subject of birthdays, I heard on the news of a lady who turned 24 today--pretty impressive, when you realize that her driver's license, if she has one, says she's 96! We're going to Deck's party tomorrow, taking a 3-milk cake that I ordered last week. I hope we're taking one 3-milk cake. I have to be really careful with my order, since last June I ordered a 3-milk cake and ended up with 3 being baked!

The Nashville kids are going to be coming up this weekend for the party, and then they are staying over for church on Sunday. They plan to leave as soon as early church is over. I'd like to talk them into staying a little later, but understand that they need to hit the road, if they're going to get a good rest before work on Monday. David knew a little old lady in Whitley County who occasionally had family visitors from Detroit. She could never understand why they had to leave early on Sunday morning in order to get back for work on Monday. I don't guess the sweet thing had ever been out of the state of Kentucky and had no concept how far Detroit was from her home, bless her heart. (By the way, I guess you know the meaning of the phrase, "Bless your heart"...)

This weekend (Sunday) also starts our babysitting gig with our "grandson" Baw Baw. We'll be keeping him while his daddy works and his mom attends a job fair in New Orleans. I went to Big Lots today and bought a few supplies--sippy cups, Elmo place mats, jigsaw puzzle, bubbles, a ball, two kinds of cereal...The checker asked me if I had a spoiled grandbaby at home. I told her no, but that I did have a little fellow who was coming for a few days, and I thought I needed to put some new stuff in the toy box. I also sorted out the books in the living room and left a bunch that I thought he might enjoy. He isn't much for stories and I was reasonably sure he wouldn't be interested in the Greek myths or child's anthology of poetry. I think he'll like what's in there, though. Now I have to put away one of the sets of nesting blocks and bring up the building blocks from the basement...

I have a question for anyone who cooks for little people: What should I fix for Baw Baw's school lunch? He goes to a preschool in the morning, then stays in daycare until about 4:30 or 5. His daddy said they had been taking leftovers from supper, and his mom (who worked near the school) had been going over to heat the leftovers in the microwave at lunch time. Well, it's a little far from Georgetown to Lexington to do that, so either Baw Baw is going to have to eat cold leftovers, or Tooz is going to have to think of something else to feed him. Apparently he isn't a big fan of sandwiches--can you believe it?--but he does like fruit and vegetables. If you have any ideas, please comment.

I still have some things to do to get ready for our weekend and next week, so I'm signing off for now. Love to all, and God bless.

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