Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Praise God

Praise God for answered prayers! I just spent almost 40 minutes talking to Ann over the internet. She is safely back in Hyderabad. Her adventures in Bangalore can be read on her blog. Thank you all so much for your prayers and love for her. We do appreciate them!

Love to all, and God bless.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Update on me

Aaarghh! It's Popeye Susan, back for round 2 of piratehood! Only noticeable difference between this time and last time is that someone forgot to put Miracle Grow on my list, to try to grow some decent veins for IVs, and I had to have five sticks. So you might say it's Popeye Susan the Porcupine! Anyway, the sedation was effective, and I'm in a completely laid-back mood, ready to spend the day relaxing. From what I could see before he got the patch on my eye, things are probably going to be really good in this eye, too. Thank you for your prayers!

Love to all, and God bless.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Update on Ann

As of 5 am on Sunday morning, Ann was all right. We haven't heard anything since then. They were scheduled to stay in Bangalore (or that area) until Tuesday, I believe, so, as far as I'm concerned, there is still some danger for them. Thank you for your prayers so far, and please keep them up! Love to all, and God bless.

Prayer Requests (at this time, 3)

1. Right now, my baby Annie is in Bangalore, India, with her husband, Daniel, visiting Daniel's great-uncle. If you have been keeping up with the news, you may know that there have been a number of bombings in Bangalore this week. Please keep Ann and Daniel (and their family) in your prayers.
2. Tomorrow morning, at 8:00, I am to check in to the Surgery Center in Lexington for my second cataract surgery. I am not particularly anxious about the surgery, probably because the news from India is occupying my mind, but I would appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery.
3. On August 4, in the morning (I forget the exact time), our daughter, Lydia, and her husband, Geron, will become the parents of their second child, a son. Lydia had some life-threatening complications with the first delivery, but the doctor does NOT expect the same thing to happen this time. (As they say, forewarned is forearmed.) Please pray for them and for little Cora, who will be going through some big changes!

Thanks to all of you, and God bless.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yes, I learned another lesson...

What lesson did I learn? I learned it's probably not a good idea to leave your purse on the chair across from you in the restaurant when you stop for supper. Despite David saying (he says) that we mustn't forget to take the purse when we left, we got all the way from Mt. Vernon to the exit right before the Kentucky River (let's say at least 30+ miles) before I realized we had, indeed, forgotten to take the purse when we left.

The staff at Hardee's had left it right where I had left it--we could see it from the parking lot. The manager told me when we came in that it was "right where you left it!", and it was. She said she had kept her eye on it the whole time. David was relieved to see it in place--he said he would stop worrying about someone copying all the credit-card numbers, etc. I tipped the person handsomely (or at least I thought handsomely) and we got on home.

Other than that, our second trip to Whitley City for Extreme Build went very well. David is sound asleep in his chair, with Tru TV on in the background, and I'm thinking about unpacking the suitcase and going to bed. Good night, love to all, and God bless.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Extreme Build

Some of you know that David, Everett, and I spent the last week (Sunday to Saturday) building a house in eastern Kentucky. We worked with a program very similar in nature to Habitat for Humanity, only this was backed by the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship. It was a great, great experience, one I've NEVER been involved with before, and one I'll be working with again, Lord willing.

Some of the things I learned:
1. Having only one good eye makes it hard as heck to navigate rough terrain, especially when carrying floor boards and other construction materials.
2. Even when it gets to be almost 100 degrees in the sun in the afternoon, mornings are still cold and damp.
3. Covering one's self with whipped cream and jumping in bed with a person makes a tremendous mess. (I didn't do it, one of the youth from Texas did it to their youth pastor. I heard there was whipped cream all over the world.)
4. Despite what they tell you at the front desk, you don't have to wait until 11:30 pm to see the moon bow at Cumberland Falls--a good portion is visible at 10:00.
5. G2 and Propel are not the same thing--Propel has a lot less carbs, if that sort of thing is important to you.
6. If you leave bananas in plastic bags in 95 degree heat, you won't believe how fast they ripen!
7. The hotel maids in small towns won't take the tip money you leave for them unless you specifically tell them that's what it is--too honest, otherwise.
8. When you work from 7 in the morning until nearly 6 at night, it doesn't matter if it is the premiere season episode of Monk, you can't stay awake that late.
9. If you "lose" your keys in the ignition of your car, it's best not to lose them with the ignition on, especially if they are going to be there all day.
10. Always be sure the lid is up in the portolet before you sit down, especially when you've been trying to avoid going in there all day long.

I may learn another couple of more important life-lessons tomorrow, since David took another personal day tomorrow to go back down and help finish things up. I may be doing more tomorrow than going to the hardware store and asking for "two of these, one of these, and one of these that goes all the way around (a broken part)".

Love to all, and God bless. Oh, by the way, if you're looking for pictures, don't even bother. I don't think I had the camera out of the case the entire time I was there--too many other things that needed doing. And if you'd like to read more about Extreme Build, you might check Everett's blog.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The 4th

Our Fourth was pretty pleasant. David and I slept in, then went to Louisville to Libby's for the mitral valve birthday party. That valve is 9 years old this year! When it was time to return thanks before the meal, Jim acknowledged the mitral valve, as well as his "seizure-versary"--it's been a year, and as far as we know, he's been seizure-free for the whole year. Then there was Faye's successful surgery on the 3rd--she wanted to talk to me on the phone, and she sounded really good. We had a pretty good turnout--three of Libby's six children were there with their spouses and in-laws, as well as three grandchildren, two grandchildren-in-law, and a great grandchild, plus the usual assortment of in-laws and out-laws that show up at that little house.

Changes are in store. Next year, Libby and Deck will be living somewhere other than the little house, so the mitral-valve birthday party will have to be held somewhere else. Change is always hard, but as long as folks pretty much stay the same, change of location is really minor. It's fun to hear the family talk about what they want out of the house when the folks move--one grandchild has asked for the living room floor. Can you imagine? She wants to make a table out of it! Funny, but true.

In case you wondered (like anyone would!), the stealth brownies were not a big hit. Since they were chocolate, I left them in Louisville. It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to hear they ended up in the garbage. One thing that could be said for them, no one could guess what was in them; another thing, they were moist. This year, rather than having a cook-out, we had a taco bar and a potato bar. That went over pretty well. But me, I couldn't imagine the gathering without hamburgers, so I brought a tray full from home. They were a lot of fun to make, something I believe folks would enjoy doing with their kids, and they tasted good, to boot!

Almost enough about the Fourth--we did see some fireworks, some of God's doings, and we heard plenty of pop-pops, as Cora has named them, in our neighborhood when we got home.

The rest of the weekend seems to be going pretty smoothly. I'm in here on the computer, and David is watching (through closed eyelids) some sort of organ/church music program. Later this afternoon, we are going back to church to "practice" for a program of patriotic music out at Dover Manor. Mr. Mac, their resident "chaplain", asked our choir director if she could get the program together, and she said sure. That's at 3:30, so I dare not get comfortable, lest I go to sleep and we don't get there.

I hope everyone's firecrackers went off without a hitch! Love to all, and God bless.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fourth plans thwarted...

Dang. I was planning to make "firecracker" cookies for lunch tomorrow--a simple sugar cookie-type recipe, as well as I can remember, but with an added secret ingredient. However, I've lost my recipe! And all the ones I found when I googled firecracker cookies were NOT the one I was looking for--they were just cookies that looked like a firecracker because of their shape or decoration. That's not what these cookies were. Does anyone remember them, and does anyone have the recipe? Love to all, and God bless.
Update: I made some stealth brownies, just a minute ago. I thoroughly enjoyed licking the spoon--hope other folks enjoy them!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What's going on?

Well, folks, it's been a while since I actually wrote about current affairs around here, hasn't it? For the last couple of months, David and I have both been dealing with health issues. David dropped a car door on his toe almost two months ago, and the swelling is just now going down (after two rounds of antibiotics). It took almost three weeks before I could get him to the doctor--you know men--but when he did, it was a pretty quick diagnosis that the toe was broken and that infection had set in. The doctor also told him he had to stay home from work until I said he could go back. That was a pretty good feeling, to be in control for a change. I only got to keep him home two days, though, since he and I both decided it was looking better after the second day.

That was all the improvement he got from the first round of antibiotics. It was at a stand still until about two weeks ago, when he decided to get the antibiotics renewed and have another go at it. Now the toe is starting to look more concave than convex, so maybe healing is happening.

After the broken toe, our next excitement (which really wasn't all that exciting) was my first cataract surgery. That went with no hitches, other than having to wait what I considered too long for a twenty-minute surgery. Then there were the little inconveniences of having to sleep with a patch over my eye, and no good adhesive that would not tear up my face when I took it off. (And NOW that it's over, I remember that I have sleep blindfolds somewhere in the house! They would have worked just fine, and don't think for a minute that I'm not going to get one out before the next surgery!) The correction from the surgery was terrific. I am working right now with no glasses, something I guarantee I couldn't have done prior to the operation.

One little bit of excitement that happened that first week after the surgery...We were asleep at 2:00 when our phone rang. Our niece was calling from Lexington--the truck had been towed. She had borrowed our truck to drive to work while her car was being repaired. (That wasn't a bad inconvenience, since I wasn't driving anyway.) After she got off that night, she had gone to a friend's apartment to watch a movie. When she came out to drive home, no truck was there. The apartment complex was really quick to tow "unauthorized" vehicles (ones without parking permits), and the parking permit she had used was expired. She went to pick up the truck, but the towing company would only release it to the owner, who was sound asleep at his house 20 minutes' drive away. And since David wasn't sure whether the truck was in his name or mine, I had to go with him. Guess who wasn't happy to get up at crap o'clock and ride to Lexington. When we got to the towing company, niece came around to my side of the car to talk to me, and David said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Interesting night. We were home by 3, but David had to get up for work at 4:30.

That same weekend, we went to Chattanooga to see the grandbaby and her family. That was a great visit. We do love those folks! We spent a lazy Saturday down there, playing with the girl and her folks. On Father's Day, we went to church with them, which was really nice. We enjoy being with them and their church friends. We ate lunch with the other grandparents--the church had a barbecue for all attendees and their guests--and enjoyed watching Grandbaby eating cake and dill pickles.

The week following that, we got word from Chattanooga that the other grandfather had had a heart attack, the Saturday before we ate lunch together on Sunday! He was placed in the hospital on Tuesday after a stress test showed the heart attack, and then ended up having a quadruple bypass that Thursday. Daughter called me to come down and help watch the little one for her.

Not only was Pawpaw in the hospital, but daughter had a health scare of her own. She is pregnant, and a routine ultrasound discovered a possible problem with the baby. She had an amniocentesis right away, and was told she needed to take it easy for the next couple of days. I went down and helped out. By the time I got there, she had already started hauling the current little one around. (Daughter is not a person who likes to be idle.) I was able to help out, though, when we went to the laundromat and caught up about 20 loads of wash! Oh, by the way, I drove myself down there and back, and everything went just fine! (Of course there was no night driving involved.)

Current state of affairs down in Chattanooga: The first round of tests on the baby came back showing a normal boy. Grandfather is still in the hospital, still on a ventilator as far as I know, and things are not back to normal down there, so prayers from you prayer warriors are still coveted.

This past week, we got to go to Nashville to visit our other daughter and son-in-law, which was another great trip. Daughter and I shopped a while on Saturday. Then the four of us joined another couple and their almost-2-year-old for supper at a Persian restaurant. That was a lot of fun--good food, even though it wasn't my normal fare. After the meal, we stood around outside the restaurant chatting until we were all hungry again, and we ended the evening at Baskin-Robbins. Hey, what happened to the 31 flavors? I only remember about 15 at that store, and my favorite, some sort of chocolate raspberry truffle thing, wasn't among them. Anyway. The next day, the other three folks got up and went to church. I stayed home due to a digestive disturbance--probably that Persian food! I got over it after a good nap, though.

Now we're home. I spent yesterday afternoon at the hospital doing volunteer work. Nothing is scheduled for today--I can spend the whole day just being retired! and maybe finishing Sujatha's sweater. Tomorrow is Senior Day at Kroger's, so I'm trying to come up with a list of everything I've been craving. Also, there's a possibility that a bunch of us will be getting together for lunch tomorrow, at a restaurant in Frankfort. We had a similar gathering for supper at Casa in Frankfort on Tuesday of last week, and spent four hours laughing ourselves silly, so I'm looking forward to a good time at this gathering.

I hope all is going well for you. Love to all, and God bless.