Tuesday, September 22, 2009

long time, no blog post...

Couple of things I want to blog about today. First is comfort food. What do you crave when you want something to comfort you? I usually eat popcorn, with butter and garlic salt. That would be my favorite food. I think it all goes back to the special times my mom and I spent watching TV (Batman and Dark Shadows) in the afternoon after school. She would pop some corn, give me a mixing bowl of it, take one for herself, and then end up dumping part of hers into my bowl. I thought she was so nice to share. I wouldn't do it then, and I'm still not a good sharer.

Another favorite food is saltine crackers. I like them three ways: plain, straight out of the package, broken up into milk, and with cheese slices on them, broiled under the broiler. Usually the only way I eat them now is plain, straight out of the box. I remember when they used to come four to a square, and I spent many an afternoon after school trying to eat just one cracker out of the square without destroying the whole thing. I did it, too, on occasion. Today I had crackers with cheese on them for lunch. I stood by the oven, watching the cheese slices bubble up, just like I had done when the kids were little and I would fix them cheese and crackers for lunch, to go with their soup.

Second topic of the day: the flu and football teams. I remember going to the infirmary at Georgetown College when I was a freshman--it was down in the basement of a no-longer-existing building, Rucker Hall. It was standing-room only that day, because of a stomach flu that was going around campus. Rumor had it that an entire case of Pepto-Bismal had been sent to the basement of Anderson Hall for the football team. Poor guys. I guess that was better than the time that they befriended the rabid kitten, though.

I hope everyone is having a great day! Love to all and God bless.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Technological burnout

I'm suffering from technological burnout. I am completely dissatisfied with the way my computer is performing--huge delays in loading stuff like gmail and facebook, then when loaded, neither works well. I can neither reply to nor forward email from the gmail account, and today I've been completely unable to access my aol account. When I try to compose new mail to send out, I can put in an address, type a subject line, and then I cannot write anything at all in the text box. It's so very, very frustrating!

On to more interesting, less depressing stuff...I have a date for the eye surgery, September 16. Now it's a matter of finding a driver (to Lexington) and finding someone to stay with me for 24 hours after the surgery. I don't think I'll need the person, but info from the surgery center says to arrange for someone to be there. And THAT means I have to clean the house. Shoot--back to depression.

I need to go eat something--my mood says give me food!