Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New hard drive

Out with the old, in with the new--except, boy, do I miss the old! My old hard drive had all sorts of stuff I loved on it! The old hard drive is still at the shop, although the new one is here and functional. The fellow at Computers 4 Less who installed the new hard drive after the BSoD appeared said he thought he might be able to recover some stuff from the old drive, but it was a sloooooooow process. He is going to give me a call after a few days with an update.

What do I miss off the old hard drive? Well, I miss the mail program I had. I still have access to my gmail account by going through Google, so I am not without email. However, I've lost the mail folders I had in the old program, in particular the one that chronicled Cora's and Cohen's births and growth through emails from their mama. I also had one like that for Jennifer, Ann, Everett, and Sam, in addition to some folders of other folks' kids and grandkids. Another miss, my humor/inspiration folder, where I stored neat emails and funnies I got from friends.

I miss my pictures. God knows how many pictures I had stored on here--all stored by Geron, of course, with some I received on email and added by just clicking on copy to gallery. The only problem with that was, I had no idea how to access the gallery, unless someone emailed me a picture and it just opened up. I'm guessing that gallery was somewhere on my old hard drive--boohoo, boohoo.

I miss the folders I had in Word, the "old lady's pocket book, geezer gear, honeymoon survival kit, and Daddy's diaper duty kits", the bazillion recipes (including the popcorn-stuffed chicken), the scriptures for Easter eggs, all the little stuff I used once in a while but will now have to recreate...what a drag!

And then we get to the bookmarks! I don't know if they can be recovered--maybe they don't need to be. But still--there's a potload of good websites marked there! The only blogs I have right now are the ones that are listed on the left of my blog page and ones I can access by going to those folks' blogs. That can get old after a while, I think, but I may be able to get a few of them back on here. I do hope so!

Last and least, I miss my solitaire and minesweeper. I've been wasting my time in other ways, like doing paperwork, studying my Sunday School lesson, and reading. How uplifting. I did get on Bejeweled Blitz today far too long, but it'd had been a while, folks, and I missed it!

But now I'm back, and aren't you all glad? Please write me and give me your blog address, if you don't mind. I guess I'll start a new blog folder! Love to all, and God bless!