Saturday, February 10, 2007


Probably by the time any of you reads this blog, we will have two new little girls in our "family". J's daughter gave birth on Wednesday to a sweet, sweet, tiny girl, who came exactly one month early and weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 pounds. When I last talked to J, all was well with both "Peanut" and her mom. And Her Eminence's daughter-in-law is anticipating the birth this weekend of her dumpling. Let's hope all goes well for them.

Someone asked me recently if grandmothers had postpartum depression. I told her that I know I had crying jags after Co was born, probably from the release of anticipation, worry, and tension. It was one time that I really missed my mom. Becoming a grandmother is very different from becoming a mother, because your precious baby is the one who is giving birth to this precious grandchild. In addition to the concern about the gc's health, a grandma tends to have worries about how her child is handling this experience. There should be support groups for Grandmas!

Enough. Love you, and God bless.