Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Work in Progress is Progressing

I am sitting in a nearly bare room. The huge desk which once held all the computer components is outdoors in a pod, as are many other pieces of furniture. The room that ordinarily houses our house guests is empty. The living room has two chairs, a lamp table, and the TV on a small cabinet. The piano is now in the kitchen. Don't even ask where anything else is--I don't know. Some of it is here, some is there, some is at Good Will, and some went home with either Gary or Tony, our two helpers. All this to say, if you can't reach me online, Skype me, or get me on the phone, just wait a couple of weeks and I'll be back. Love to all and God bless.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I have this mental image of you standing in your (bare) house, hearing the phone ringing, but unable to find it anywhere.

Love you great big bunches!

Everett said...

Wow. Y'all got stuff cleared out really fast. What's the computer on? Did Daddy have to take the frame off the door to get the desk out?

Mrs. Ann said...

cousin tony?

congratulations. sounds like you guys are working really hard! and I'm proud of you for getting rid of a few things. i know how hard that can be sometimes!