Friday, April 06, 2007

Jenn asks, I attempt to answer

1. You're given the opportunity to travel back in time and choose any other major any college you want other than teaching. Would you do it, and if so, what would you choose?

I feel like Mrs. America. I think I would perhaps major in pre-med. I used to think I would like to be a doctor, especially a missionary doctor. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't start off my college career as a music major, something I decided in the spur of the moment and regretted for two years. What did I get out of that major? David. I guess it was worth those two years of theory and piano practicing for that.

2. What's your favorite thing you've ever sung in choir?

I really enjoyed whatever that musical was we did a couple of years ago in the John L.Hill chapel. Anyone out there who remembers the name, please tell me. I liked the music, the staging, getting to act like a fool on stage--I really enjoyed theater when I was in high school.

3. If David ever offered to take you anywhere you wanted to go on vacation, regardless of where it is or how much it cost, where would you ask him to take you?

Ireland would be my first choice. He and I have talked about going there for several years, but we still haven't gone.

4. Where's your favorite place you've ever been on vacation? Gatlinburg
Least favorite? The strip mine in Gatliff, Kentucky

5. What's your favorite childhood memory?

I believe some of my best memories of my chidhood were exploring the little town where I grew up. My cousin and I liked to walk up town, to climb to the top of the courthouse, to visit the Robb Morris birthplace (like that's someplace famous), just to putt around. I also enjoyed going on "explores", in which I found a rock quarry (about a block from my house) and a craw dad pool, back in the alleyway that was an extension of our street. I loved those places because I was the only one who knew about them (at least the craw dad pool--I had a friend who went with me to the rock quarry).

Okay, Jenn. Any and all comments are welcome. Good night, and God bless.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Yay! Those childhood memories sound wonderful. Thanks for answering my questions, Momma Tooz! Now you gotta come up with some questions for other people to answer (see how the game works?)

Love you great big bunches!

lydia said...

Mom, how come you haven't written a book yet about your childhood memories. Do you know how enjoyable they are to read? You are such a good writer--I feel like I'm there everytime you tell one of those stories. Please PLEASE write them down!

And sounds like you and I both would like to restart our college career--just changing the major part, anyway. Why couldn't we see five years ahead of us so we would know what would be the best major to start with? I'm thankful you had to waste those two years so that we could all be here!

Now, please tell me who Robb Morris is in your next post. And please tell more childhood stories!!!!!

I love you, Mommy!

Mrs. Ann said...

Celebrate Life, right?

Anonymous said...

Ann's right! For some reason, I could not bring up that name. I did bring up Celebration of Life, but that didn't fit.