Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Highlights

I was sitting here wondering what was a highlight of this year's holiday for me. One was getting to have company over for Christmas Eve. This is the first time in years that we've been able to do that (or that I've been willing to do that). I started out with something simple, the Chen's and Lilly, plus Everett, Ann, and Daniel, so it wasn't too intimidating. Still, it was such a great feeling to be able to sit around and chat with folks at our own home.

Another highlight: the candlelight service at our church for Christmas Eve. This has been going on for years, but sharing it with first-time visitors is a treat. David asked to sing "O Holy Night", and we've been told that this was probably the best singing he's done. One woman told us on Sunday that guests she had with her told her, "That man is missing his calling working at Toyota!" I just know we loved hearing it.

Another highlight: Making cookies at Libby's. Going to Libby's is always a treat, especially when the family is gathered there. My cousins, Susie, Martha, and I are learning how to make divinity (or virginity, as it is sometimes known around here). It's always special to learn something that has been a part of family Christmases since a person was a child, especially when that person is as old as I!

Another highlight: Being with our darling granddaughter. Last year she was too little to understand anything about the holidays, but now she is catching on that Christmas is special. Her mama and daddy have a small nativity set up in their living room, and they have been adding to it over the course of the holidays. Lydia said even after they had opened the last box, Cora would go and stand by the nativity and look at them like, isn't there more? She also discovered candy and cookies this Christmas, and Mama and Dada keep a big supply of them in their dining room. She is big into hospitality, so one of the first things she did was run into the dining room and get the box of stick candy to bring to share with us. Fortunately, that time someone rescued it before she dropped it--the next time, we weren't quite as lucky. Now there are no more intact sticks in the box.

On the same line, another highlight (or maybe part of the last one): Seeing the way our daughter and son-in-law have grown as parents. David and I love to watch them interacting with Cora.

Another highlight: Spending time with Annie and Daniel. I am so amazed and pleased with the way my daughter has embraced married life and adulthood. She is so gracious a hostess, and so helpful around here--I really hated to see them leave on Christmas day!

Another highlight: Spending time with Everett. We had the privilege of meeting one of Everett's friends from seminary, which was especially meaningful, since this person has only known Everett as an adult. He told us some great stuff about our son, and seemed to mean what he said. That was special, too.

And probably another highlight: Having the whole house to ourselves for a couple of days, with no need to go anywhere or do anything! Right now, David is kicked back in the recliner watching UK football, which seems to be going well, and I am enjoying communicating with my friends.

I guess that does it...I'm sure there are more, and I may add to the list later, but for now, good night, happy New Year's Eve, and God bless!


Becca said...

I'm glad your holidays turned out so well, and I'm sorry I missed David singing O Holy Night. That's one thing about the holidays I miss most.

Lydia said...

mom--typo, I think--Dad WAS asked--he didn't ask if he could sing it, right?

Other than that, it was fun having you guys down. Cora was a little spoiled while you were here, you know. She is still trying to get peppermint sticks out of the box and I think she's saying "Cookie" when she walks over to the table. "Tuhtie" I think, is cookie.