Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What constitutes a vacation, Part 2

I have found a vaccine for knock-knock jokes and silly songs! It's called posting!
Funny--when I was a kid, I thought posting was something you did on your horse when it was trotting.

On to what makes a vacation. In addition to not wanting to ride in the blessed car anymore once we get there, I also don't want to have to move my stuff in or out more than one time! I believe that is because I always take too darned much stuff, and I never know what I'll need at any particular stop. Maybe if I knew how to pack, it wouldn't be a problem. I just know I hate to haul that stuff in and out, especially when stairs are involved. And let's not even talk about how miserable it is if you pack your stuff up to leave and you end up staying another night and you can't get your trunk open, and your daughter has to go through the backseat to retrieve your stuff--we weren't on speaking terms for a while after that.

Here's another thing. I want to be able to walk to whatever I am going to do or wherever I am going to eat. If the place isn't in walking distance, I want there to be public transporation. All my life I have enjoyed public transportation, from my first train ride on.

Since you all like to hear stories, I'll tell you about my first train ride. My family was living in Eminence, Ky, about 40 miles from my granny's home in downtown Louisville. My mom liked to go visit her mom. We usually went by car. Here's the kicker--I have always, ALWAYS, been prone to carsickness. We had a regular puke stop on the trip. My folks thought that maybe making the trip from Eminence to Louisville by train would help with that carsick thing. I will admit that I really enjoyed that ride. We went through a little town called Jericho. When the conductor called out Jericho, I started singing that song about Joshua and the battle of Jericho. Since I was a cute little kid, nobody seemed to mind. I don't have a distinct memory of the trip after that.

Apparently the rocking motion of the train was not what the folks hoped it would be. What I know, because I've been told, is that I was so carsick by the time we got to Louisville, that I stayed in bed for three days. And believe it or not, I was a pretty active four-year-old!

Maybe that's why I don't like the car rides. Gee. I guess I qualify for rocket-science now. Good night and God bless.


annalu alulu said...

i don't get why you qualify for rocket science.

annalu alulu said...

does it have something to do with motion sickness?

Tooz said...

yes--the reason I don't like car rides is because I get motion sickness. How hard was that to figure out? I should have figured it out a long time ago. Now that I have, I guess I'm about smart enough to be a rocket scientist!

Jenn Hacker said...

You know they have dramamine for that. Also, there's those bracelets that press on pressure points on your wrist that are supposed to help, too.

Anyway, glad you posted. I missed you!

Love ya,

annalu alulu said...

OOOOOOOOoooooooohh. I get it.

Lydia said...

MOre things I inherited from my mom--car sickness/motion sickness. The first time I flew to New York, I was so sick. We all thought it would be fun to walk to Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock cafe for dinner that first night. I walked all the way over there with the crowd, walked straight downstairs to the bathroom and threw up. Then, my friend Cassie and I walked straight back to the hotel.

I also like to be in walking distance of places on Vacation and not having to change rooms.

Yeah, everybody says try Dramamine, but by the time we remember to take it, its usually too late.

annalu alulu said...

and when you want to have fun with whoever you're traveling iwth, dramamine does not add to the fun, because you sleep through everything. i get motion sickness, too, but just on roller coasters, mostly. so i don't ride them anymore (quick fix). the last two times i rode one, i promptly puked in teh nearest trash can, then went on with my fun (with a bad taste in my mouth).

anybody want to go to King's Island?

Tooz said...

Ann, you need to go to Beech Bend. It's much closer and probably cheaper than King's Island. It's just in Bowling Green.

Jenn Hacker said...

One thing that's fun near Bowling Green is Guntown Mountain, near Cave City. Jamie and I liked bumping each other on the bumper cars!

Tooz said...

Ann, were you with us the time we did the bumper boats at Cave City? That's fun, too.

Becca said...

I only went to King's Island once, with church youth group. I remember hanging out for the whole day with Ann, Everett, and his friend Greg, and how we flipped the water raft when we hit bottom and I freaked a bit since I couldn't swim and Everett and Greg helped me stand in the 3ft water and calm down. I also remember Greg reciting the Lord's Prayer on the way up on the one roller coaster and closing it with "Holy S#!&!!!!!!!" on the first drop down and laughing my head off.

Now that I think of it Tooz, you must have been miserable on the Gatlinburg/college trip! All the driving, the starting and stopping, and the whoopie cushion fun we had at every rest stop we passed.

Tooz said...

That Gatlinburg/college trip was one of the best times I ever had in my life. Maybe you've noticed, a person doesn't get too carsick when they are driving. We all seemed to be enjoying being with each other, and that was just great.