Sunday, June 25, 2006

Vacation, 3

I think we have about decided to take our vacation in Tennessee this year, unless David surprises me with something unplanned and spontaneous. Instead of going to Gatlinburg, we'll probably go somewhere between the two sissies (Lydia and Annie), if we can find a place we can stand to be for any length of time in that area. I think going off on a vacation like this is a whole lot like going on a vacation to Mt. Sterling, when it isn't Court Day--or Muddy Ford, for that matter--but parents do what they have to do to keep peace in the family.

Everett may be going camping the weekend before shutdownweek. His current idea is to leave Vernon Hills on Sunday evening, and then the three of us leave together for the boonies the next day. David says, "So it's one of those leave in the middle of the week vacations and then only stay a few days?" Sort of looks like it now.

Like I said up in the first sentence, "we have about decided". Folks, that is not final. We are still open for suggestions, although San Antonio and Phoenix are pretty much out of the picture at this time. Love you all, and God bless.


annalu alulu said...

Here's what you have to do to keep peace in the family: go wherever you want, and have a great time. That's my advice. I think wherever you want to go will be great, and that Everett would be happy to meet you wherever that is.

I know Lydia and Geron would love to have you guys at their shower, but I don't see why that should keep you from going anywhere you want. Just leave time to go to Chattanooga at the end of your trip!

The offer still stands for the three of you to come to Nashville for vacation (everyone i've talked to about Nashville loves it...would come here every weekend if they could...was jealous i was moving here), and we would put you up. We even have air mattresses for you all three to sleep on (two on the queen, one on the full), and we'd feed you. There's at least three good days worth of free stuff to see and do here, and there's lots more cheap stuff, I'm sure, in downtown Nashville (museums, etc), and i think it would be so much fun! Daniel and I were just talking about it on the porch (including teh putting you up for free part). But if you don't, then go somewhere else (and we'll be hapy for you)!

Don't limit yourself! Mom, you've been sacrificing your own wants for so long, that I was 27 years old before I knew what kind of music you liked!! After all those car trips we'd taken over the years!! So, do something you want to do! Daddy just wants you to be happy! I promise! So he'd be happy to go where you'd be happy to go!

Jenn Hacker said...

It's too darn hot to come to San Antonio right now, anyway! LOL. Besides, who knows how much longer I'LL even be here once I gets myself edumacated.

Love you all, have fun (and listen to Annie-lou on this one!)

Becca said...

As much as I'd love to see the three of you, I most certainly do not recommend Phoenix during this time of year. The temp is getting above 110, we're having duststorms, and monsoon season is just weeks away.

Why else do you think we're blowing this popstand in a couple weeks to go the Cape?

Now Phoenix in the winter time is another story entirely.

Lydia said...
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Lydia said...

Florida is beautiful
Wisconsin is cool
If you waste your time in the middle of Tennessee
You'll be a fool

So, go and have fun
For the entire week
Enjoy your son
And play in the creek

Your oldest daughter is cheesy
She'll be the first to admit
But to visit her on vacation,
you don't have to commit

She'll be just fine
Has to go to Assembly anyway
So, eat candy apples and taffy
Maybe visit on Sunday.

Okay, that's all. I'm a dork. I know it, but I'm trying to get my point across. You can spend the entire week wherever!!!! I love you!

Everett said...

I'll pitch in that it's not definite that's the weekend we'll be camping, I don't have to go on the camping trip, I'm willing to meet y'all somewhere, I think eastern North Carolina is a great idea.

annalu alulu said...

more word from lydia (almost said "video", dont know why...that's sad but funny to me)

anywho, she said her feelings won't be hurt if you don't go to hte shower, cause you already told her you probably wouldn't be able to make it to the chatanooga showers anyway

Marie said...

Susan I love this blog.....You really have a lot of fun with this...Bless your heart on the question of a vacation......If you go between the girls, then you will be able to spend time with the both of them....well sorta. Oh darn, just say what the heck and fly off to New York and shop....LOL...

Love you angel,

annalu alulu said...

i think marie wants you to take her shopping in NYC, and Jim can take Daddy out on a ride

Anonymous said...

Go,live have what you want to do...I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow...enought said about me having fun.

Love you, Joyce

annalu alulu said...

Have fun, Joyce!!

Becca said...

If you're looking at Eastern NC, I highly recommend Asheville and Boone. Those are some great places to visit, and the locals have gone to great lengths to preserve some of the local culture and businesses if you're into that kind of thing.

If you go down to Chattanooga, I'd also recommend going on down to Atlanta. It's not that far from Chattanooga, there are some great little shops in the Little Five Points area, and quite the music scene if you want to do that. Plus, it's just a beautiful city. I haven't been in ten years, but I miss it terribly.

annalu alulu said...

So, mom, are you searching for beach houses online?

Jenn Hacker said...

Go to the beach - listen to Annie-lou!

annalu alulu said...

She has since told me that Daddy doesn't want to go to the beach. Oh, well. And that it costs too much right now, or something.

Well, as far as I know, the only other place a person could possibly want to go on vacation in the mainland US, besides the beach, is my apartment. That's what I've heard, anyway. (Though daniel told me yesterday I should stop pestering my family and just let them decide where they want to go on vacation. i never listen to him.)

Lydia said...

You should. Daniel is a wise young man.

annalu alulu said...

So, mom, did you just decide to take a vacation from your blog? :-)