Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Monkey Mama Makes Misstep

I started off really well today. Got up, made my bed, got dressed to my shoes, washed my face, combed my hair, started cooking breakfast, took my meds, and went out to get the newspaper.

At the end of the drive, just as I was stepping onto the road, I once again tripped over my clumsy feet and had that horrible feeling you get when the ground comes rushing up to meet you. Both knees, both hands--what a mess. I was kneeling there like Gideon's soldiers at the brook when I heard a car starting up back down the street and figured I'd better get back up and get the da-- paper. Which wasn't there.

You see, David worked in the body shop today. That meant he left really early, about half an hour before he usually leaves. At that time of the morning, the paper usually isn't here. So I get it on body-shop days. ONLY this morning, no paper in the mailbox. As I hobbled back in, I speculated on whether we had paid that bill, or whether it was one of those that we have gotten smart enough to let it be paid automaticly.

In the house, I cleaned up my poor knees with dial soap and at the same time cleaned my slightly skinned right hand. The left knee was bleeding much more than the right, but it doesn't appear to need suturing. The right one is just skinned. Neither hand is hurt worth mentioning. I went out to the kitchen, took 2 ibuprofen for the knees, got my breakfast, and checked David's end of the table. The paper was there. Apparently it came early today.

So now I'm sitting around with two skinned-up knees. I've had ice on the left one. It's swollen, but probably no broken bones. I'm wondering what kind of bandaids I need for the knees. The booboos are really too big for the cutesy ones, but I want something on them anyway. Anybody have suggestions? Love you all, and God bless.


annalu alulu said...

Poor, poor, Toozie. I'm sorry you skinned yourself. At least you wrote a funny blog entry about it. Here's my suggestion for bandages:

get some the fit, then stick "cutesie" ones on top of them.

Guess I should try refreshing my computer screen before I complain about people updating their blogs next time, huh.

Glad you didn't get run over.

rnzgrq (doesn't that sound like a car raring its engine, then screeching to a halt before running over mommy?)

Everett said...

Put some kleenex on the wound and then duct tape over the kleenex. Duct tape's good for everything.

Jenn Hacker said...

If the cutsie ones don't have adhesive around the edges of the bandage part (where the owie goes) then you can put them side by side and cover the wound with multiple cuties.

Jenn Hacker said...

I'm sorry you got owies. They can hurt!

Becca said...

Owie, owie, owie.

Something rather McGyverish came to mind (must be the duct tape reference)--you could put gauze or kleenex over it, cut the toes off and old pair of knee highs, and use those to keep the padding in place.

Then you could the cutesy bandaids as garters!

Tooz said...

there you go--I like the idea of old knee highs better than duct tape. They probably wouldn't pull them hairs off my legs when I tookt them off.

annalu alulu said...

let's hope your leg hairs aren't long enough to remove with duct tape

Becca said...

Mine are!

Just Julez said...

Don't you just hate gravity sometimes?

I'd get an Ace bandage or a padded knee brace, and place that over some coated gauze. It'll keep everything in place, give your knees some support, and offer up padding so if you kneel down, it won't hurt so much. Just don't put it on very tightly, and don't forget the Neosporin. They also make Neosporin with a wee bit of Lidocaine in it-makes stinging ouchies MUCH better.

As for the hands, maybe this is God's way of excusing you from dirty dish duty. If it wasn't an excuse before, it should be now *mischevious grin*

Lydia said...

Get some dollar bills wet and lay them across your knees. Pat onto legs and let dry. (Kind of like paper mache) Just don't sleep in Care Bear pajamas without a bandaid, because in the morning you'll have to take a shower with your clothes on to seperate them from your wounds.