Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My bird (part 2)

Thios ios a continuation of the previous postk, about my poor bird.

I went to see Dr B today at 9:15 for a procedure to see what is going on with Birdl. He numbed my finger, whi9ch was by far the most painful part of the procedure. Then he left me alone in the procedure room with my book for at least half an hour or longer to allow the numbing medication to work. I got several chapters into High Fiovekl by Janet Evanovich, whoich was probably the best part of the morning. I( also got to talk to my cousin Martha for a few minutes, a pleasant way to pass the ti9me,l amd made plans to attend a shower for her frst grandbaby this-coming Saturday.

When Dr B finally got back into the room, he called for a backup nurse and directed her to wrap a rubber band around my finger. Then he proceded to remove a portion of the nail bed and poke and prod around there until he finally located just what he suspected, a synovi9al cyst in the joint. He removed a portion of that for lab analyss, bandaged me up and removed the rubber band.

Now I'm sitting here with a rather bulky bandage on bird over the top of a more reasonable band aid--he was just going to put the band aid on it, but I compalined, and he wrapped iot up more impressively. By Monday or Tuesday we should hear from the biopsy, which we assume wll be just fine. Then in about a month, if the nail has starightedned out, he figures this episode will be over. If not, he figures he'll be sending me to a hand doctor to let them do anything else that may need doing.

I'm trying to milk as much sympathy as I can out of this finger, which is currently gi9ving me no pa8ingl--oauib--pauib, not hurting. It's just hard to type. Love to all, and God bless.


Tara said...

Oh yeah after all that malarky you'd best better be getting more than just a dinky little band-aid!

Hoping with you that the birdie is up and (not) flying again real soon. ;)

Amy said...

You crack me up. Hope your birdie is working better soon (but only for typing, not for "flying":)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Since it's all bulky with a bandage now, does that mean we can call your birdie "Big Bird"? That would be appropriate, too, since I have never seen Big Bird fly on Sesame Street.

Love you, and hope you and the birdie are back to 100% soon.

Geron said...

I don't have any big bird or flying bird jokes for you. I just hope this means you'll be okay. Plenty of sympathy for your bird finger and you down here, Mom. I don't know if I can come up there or not...I don't have any sick/vacation days left for work from the kids being sick, but as soon as school is out, or perhaps the last weekend in May, maybe I can get up there? Let's see what we can do. I love you moM!
LYDIA, not Geron

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

How's your bird doing?