Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birdie, part 3, and other stuff

My bird is healing. I've stopped wearing a bandage, stopped using the antibiotic ointment, and stopped treating it like an invalid. Of course it is ugly, but it works for all purposes, including letting folks know that I'm angry.

Life is good. I had a pretty busy week, lots of volunteer stuff. Monday was Hispanic Initiative and a lecture on bed bugs--seems one of the Hispanics had a problem with them, and one of our board members felt we all needed to know how to treat the problem if it arose again. Tuesday, BW's circle meeting at church and a shopping trip to Kohl's, where I probably tried on 12 garments before finally leaving with a pair of capri pants. Wednesday, the entire day in Louisville with hospital auxiliary volunteers for a conference--the highlights of the trip were the rides to and from Louisville. I met a couple of fascinating people, both volunteers at the local hospital: a woman whose husband had been a couterie (I sure hoped I spelled/got the right word there) for stage productions on Broadway in New York--I hope that word means fashion designer; and a very nice Black woman who could trace her family lineage back to slavery--it was almost like riding with Alex Haley to listen to her talk. Thursday, the final day of Friendship for the year--I'm really going to miss it. I made friends with a sweet lady who was the nahneh (Chinese for grandmother, I think) of a great little kid called Charlie. Last week, she brought me a little red silk pouch which I decided was probably a necklace, and I wore it on Thursday. I bought her a small cross magnet with some sort of quote on it about friends being a blessing. She was very touched, but not as touched as I had been the week before. I am going to miss those folks this summer! Friday, another auxiliary meeting and gym class, then a lot of just plain loafing!

Did anyone watch the Preakness? I thought it was really neat that both Rachel Alexandra and Mine the Bird were in the money at the end of the race. Mine the Bird is so impressive with his last-minute runs--he actually got within a half length of Rachel Alexandra, after she had led the entire race! It was terrific to see him coming from so far back--nothing got in his way. I really love racing, during the Triple Crown, but the rest of the year, I don't care beans about it. I've only been to two live races, both harness races, and I won money at both of them. (Not much--don't church me! $2 bets on the favorite to show doesn't exactly make you rich, but you do get to cash in tickets!)

Next week is going to be busy, too. I'm heading for Chattanooga on Tuesday to see Cora's end-of-the-year school program, then staying over until Thursday so I can give Geron and Lydia a night out on the town. I do love the grandbabies, and apparently Mr. Cohen is mobile now, not stationary, so it will be interesting. He's also talking, saying "da da", at least.

I hope you all are having some great weeks! Love to all, and God bless.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Glad to hear your bird is recuperating and that you've been doing things and enjoying yourself. I miss you guys!

Tooz said...

We miss you too!