Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fourth plans thwarted...

Dang. I was planning to make "firecracker" cookies for lunch tomorrow--a simple sugar cookie-type recipe, as well as I can remember, but with an added secret ingredient. However, I've lost my recipe! And all the ones I found when I googled firecracker cookies were NOT the one I was looking for--they were just cookies that looked like a firecracker because of their shape or decoration. That's not what these cookies were. Does anyone remember them, and does anyone have the recipe? Love to all, and God bless.
Update: I made some stealth brownies, just a minute ago. I thoroughly enjoyed licking the spoon--hope other folks enjoy them!


Mrs. Allroro said...

Couldn't you just make a basic sugar cookie with the secret ingredient? Or, what if you made a sugar cookie and studded them with red hots? Those would be cute and would serve the same purpose. You could even do that with a chocolate chip cookie recipe and substitute red hots for the chocolate chips, no?

Or just make something else--something tried and true--that you know everybody would really like. Can't go wrong with that. More bang for the buck than a firecracker, I'd say!

Lydia said...

Hey, check out our blog for fourth of July pics. I tried to send you an email, but it is taking forever for some reason. Anyway, I think you will enjoy the pics a lot, but you will see that somebody definitely does not look like a baby anymore. Too big!!