Monday, October 08, 2007

October 8 is a special day

35 years ago today I was sitting in church, in the choir rather than on the organ bench, my usual place. David was directing singing--he was minister of music, I was organist. When he got up to direct the final hymn, I told him quickly and quietly that we would be leaving RIGHT after church, rather than sticking around to talk like we usually did. He took one look at me and figured out why we would be leaving--matter of fact, I had to convince him that he had time to lead that last song.

We got home pretty quickly, although not record time--twenty miles, give or take a few, about 30 minutes. Then we ate lunch and talked about what else we would be doing that day. After consulting a friend, we called my folks to tell them to get to town, that "the show was on the road," and David and I headed for John Graves Ford Memorial.

Then we started the waiting game. That lasted pretty long and was pretty boring--nothing much happening for the first three hours or so. Mom and Dad got there, and we had a pleasant little visit. We sort of wondered if maybe we had misinterpreted signs from the morning, since stuff was going so slowly. I also wondered if maybe I shouldn't have some supper, but friends said no, just wait.

H stopped in for a quick visit, then headed home for his own supper--he anticipated having a good couple of hours before he needed to show up again. Dang it, I was getting hungry, too. But all that changed REALLY quickly. Stuff started happening lickety split. Matter of fact, when the girls stopped by the room and had a look, they got on the phone and called H to tell him to get back there! Only problem--no cell phones in 1972, and H hadn't gotten home yet. His wife took her place on the road at the bridge before he could get to his house, flagged him down, and sent him back to town. (Fortunately it wasn't too far.)

He got back in time, took a look at David, and said, "Get dressed. You're coming with me." Within less than twenty minutes, we were having a birthday party for, TA DAH, Everett William! Up until the time he arrived in the room, we had two choices for party guests, but Everett William was the one that showed up. Good thing, too, because his was the only name on the list!

Let's just say I'll always remember October 8th in a special way. Love to all, and God bless.


Everett said...

Thanks for the story, Mom.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Dave Barry asserts that October 8 is the day when everything important in history happened. He states this in "Dave Barry Slept Here".

Tara said...

Happy anniversary of your son's birthday, Tooz! :)