Saturday, October 27, 2007

Company's Comin'!

We are about to have overnight guests for the first time in a while (at least since Lydia and Cora were here a couple of weeks ago). Aniel are coming from Nashville, and they are bringing JS with them. This will be our first time to meet JS, since he just arrived in the country in August. He is currently living in Hartford, Connecticut, attending medical school. I have chatted with him a couple of times on the phone, and he seems to be a very friendly, sociable chap, so I am looking forward to meeting him.

When Aniel first set up this visit, she asked me if I would please dress up. I assumed she meant in a costume, since it is almost Halloween. I told her sure, and that if she said "Trick or treat" when she came to the door, I would give her candy. Well, that wasn't too bright a move on my part, at least the part about candy, since I have been buying (and eating) it regularly since she told me her plans. We've been through at least two bags of orange-flavored Halloween nougats and a bag of candy corn-flavored taffy from W*l-mart since then, and of course my bs has been higher than it needed to be. Today I bought her a bag of Hershey's chocolate to go with what was left of the pb-flavored kisses I bought yesterday. I don't think David will be into the chocolate, because of his chocolate allergy, and I intend to send what is left home with Aniel on Monday. I also made a batch of payday mix. That's a very simple recipe, by the way--a cup of peanuts, a cup of candy corn, mix them together, dump it in a bowl, you're done.

Now I'm on the supper menu, and David is on the housecleaning detail. He just finished making the new hide-a-bed so that it is ready for bedtime, as well as the guest bed in the extra bedroom. I made a batch of cinnamon bread along with a punchbowl cake, and really need to go start the broccoli slaw. We don't have a lot of pressure, though, since Aniel called to say they wouldn't be here until 10.

Time to check the bread--love to all, and God bless.

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Everett said...

When did y'all get a hidabed? Where is it, back in the computer room?