Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Whoops! I did it again!

Folks, thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement. I think I am going to be able to handle Granny-ing, well, maybe. And Grandpa has actually had his horn out this weekend--something he hasn't done for over a month or more! That's hard to believe, isn't it, considering he used to take it on vacation with him! At least one of you remembers the summer we took a tuba and a euphonium to the beach house in South Carolina.

The title refers to the clumsiness of me. Here's something stupid not to do: Don't try to put on your pajama pants without taking your Birks off first. Yes, the pants will fit easily over the shoes, but--and it's a big but--they will probably get hung up in there. Last night I was putting on my pajamas in my "computer room", across the hall from the bedroom, to avoid waking David up, and I thought I'd just be cool, pull those pants up without sitting down or anything. Ha ha. Right foot got stuck, clumsy arse tripped over the chair, fell down on same chair, which had turned over, and got a carpet burn on recently healed left knee about the size of a nickel--lost all the skin on that patch, burns like heck still this morning. Right leg has a bruise about halfway up the thigh where it hit the chair leg. BUT I can still walk, no real pain.

Oh: I have a good friend who recently broke her foot. I asked her how she did it, and she started giggling. She was getting ready for a social event and having some trouble getting her shoes on. One went on easily, but the other didn't want to go. She tried stomping on that one, trying to get her foot to go in--seems she was in a hurry. Then she said, very calmly, "Don't ever do that." Five minutes later, she couldn't put that foot to the floor. It was broken. So there are two things to remember when getting dressed: (1) Don't stomp on your shoe, trying to get your foot into it, and (2) Take your shoes off before you try to put your pajamas on.

I hope all of you are doing well and not conducting yourselves in a similar manner. Love you, and God bless.


Jenn Hacker said...

Another thing to never try - don't ever try putting both legs of your pants on at the same time. It doesn't work.

Becca said...

It does if you sit down first.