Friday, August 25, 2006

The Color of Love

Last night when David and I were coming home from Chattanooga, God gave us a beautiful sunset to admire. We were talking about how beautiful it is. David said the world was more beautiful because of a new, beautiful person. And I said, yes, and because of an older one, too. Thank you, God, for sunsets. Thank you, God, for my beautiful granddaughter. Thank you, God, for letting us keep Lydia. We love you, Lord. Love to all of you, and I hope God blesses you as richly as He has blessed us the last two days!

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Karolyn said...

Wow what an experience for first time Grandparents!! I just received your second email and found you blog, Kool!
Cora Sophia is beautiful. Thank you Lord for all you do. I have been praying earnestly for Lydia since choir practice Wednesday. We also prayed in church for Lydia and baby.
I am so happy to know all is well.
O Lord, You are my God
I will exalt You.
I will praise Your name.
For You have done wonderful things;
Your counsels of old are faithfulness and truth. Isaiah 25:1
Carolyn Wilson Dyer
Georgetown, Kentucky