Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two posts in one day? Am I crazy or what?

My friend Jenn cautioned me in a comment on the last post to not try to put both legs of my pants on at the same time. She said it never worked. Becca said that yes, it would work, if you were sitting down at the time.

Back to putting on pants in unusual ways: When I was but a child in days of childhood, my folks used to try to get my brother and I to go to bed with some silly little games. One of them was to see who could put on their pajamas in the funniest way. Darn it, Mike always won that one--he could put his pajama pants on his head, but I couldn't!

Another thing they would do back before tv--we would play out in the backyard, my mom, dad, Mike, and me. We would play charades, of all things. And Mike was only 3, so the charades had to be pretty easy. Another thing they did--Mom would give each of the four of us a plate. One plate would have soot on the bottom, but it was dark, so we couldn't see that. Then either she or Daddy would rub their finger on the bottom of the plate, and then draw on their face. We were supposed to copy what they did. That was usually worthh a laugh or two, when they turned on the lights or we went inside.

I have some great playing memories. There were some wonderful games we would play at school, like "Queen of the Merry-go-round". We would also climb up in the crab apple trees on the edge of the playground. We could usually get away with that for at least ten minutes. For one thing, the teachers didn't see us until about five minutes after we got up in the trees, and then they would send someone down to tell us to get out of the trees. The person would probably take at least five minutes to get to us. We could ignore the first warning, and sometimes the person who warned us would climb up in the trees, too. No, we were not good kids. And no, no one fell out of the trees.

I guess that's it for now. I just felt like sharing the pajama game. Love you, and God bless.


Jenn Hacker said...

But even when sitting down, you have to stand back up at some point to pull up the pants. I usually wound up stepping on the bottom part of the pants legs and still toppling over! (And I wasn't even on Rx cough medicine then!)

Becca said...

No one anything about not having to stand up.

Sit on edge of bed, bring feet together like a yoga pose. Put pants over feet and stretch feet out far as possible, then lower feet to floor. Still holding the waist of your pants, stand up while pulling them up.

Voila! And you said it couldn't be done.

annalu alulu said...

Poor mommy. In her early 40's ;)and still getting lessons on how to put on her pants so she doesn't fall down.

You can do it like pantyhose: scrunch up the legs, get your feet through, and then pull them up. Once you get your feet out the bottom, you're set!

I've gotten lots of practice lately on teaching people how to put on pants.

In which accent would "vawwzm" be a pronunciation of the english word "awesome?" Just curious.

Notice you don't put the entire leg on one at a time. You just step into them one foot at a time, and then do the legs together. If you get into one leg entirely, and then try for the next one, you've got to be quite bendy. Pants are fascinating, aren't they?

annalu alulu said...

Sorry. Don't know how I got those last two paragraphs switched--the one about the word verification was typed after the last one about pants. I wasn't going back for more reflection, I promise.

Jenn Hacker said...

We is some funny, punny wimmins, ain't we?

Anonymous said...

Face the facts girl..your retired...you don't have to wear pants at all if you don't want to....and who would say that?

Tooz said...

Whoever anonymous is, I don't think I could go to bed without a pair of pants on. My mother gave me this advice, a million years ago--"Never wear pants to bed." (If you knew my mother, you wouldn't believe anything like that could come out of her mouth!) I asked her what a person was supposed to do in case of a fire, or something like that. She said, "Keep a pair of underpants under your pillow."

annalu alulu said...

My guess is that it was Joyce. (Daniel says that name "Joyce-ee". I guess he thinks we should pronounce the e at the end.

Oh, this is irrisistable! The word verification is ncblog. Nice blog, mom!!

Lydia said...

I won't tell you how to put your pants on since it is a struggle for me these days.

I like the soot game you played with Granny and Grandaddy!!! How creative!! I hope we will be able to keep the t.v. turned off frequently enough to enjoy playing fun games like that with Baby Girl. I can't think of his name right now, but Marie Curry's dadddy who was in the nursing home the same time as Grandaddy, gave me a warning/vision about t.v. and how much evil is involved in that industry. I want Baby Girl to appreciate playing outside like we did as kids and riding bikes and stuff like that instead of becoming a couch potato who even learns bad things from cartoons and COMMERCIALS.

Becca said...

We've been trying to do the same thing with CJ. He ignores the TV, and when I do encourage him to watch, it's stuff like Muppet Show or SpongeBob or Animaniacs or Blue's Clues--all without commercials. He seems to really like music and we're seeing hints of imagination. He loves to spin till he gets dizzy and falls down and try to stand up again, and the other day, coming home from daycare, he was pressing his eyelids closed and laughing. Tom asked what he was doing and why it was funny, and I said that if I remembered right from being a kid, I suspected CJ was laughing at creating his own "fireworks".

Jenn Hacker said...

That's great, Becca! Of course, CJ couldn't be anything BUT creative with you two as his parents!