Monday, November 17, 2008

More prayer requests

Ya know, maybe I ought to start a blog with just our prayer requests on it!

Both of these requests are for my "children". These two folks, though not born to me, are so dear to me that I consider them my own. I hope that you are blessed with folks like that in your lives, too.

The first is Jenn, our third daughter. Jenn has her own blog, and she has posted information about her situation there. Jenn and her family are in need of prayer right now for a number of reasons. Please pray for them.

The second is Chao (Sam), my second son. Chao is a nurse in Lexington. He has been our friend for at least four years, and I have "adopted" him, since his family is in China. Chao and his wife, Ting, have a precious little boy, Alex. Alex is four years old and has been diagnosed with autism. Currently Alex is living in China with his grandparents in order to attend a special training program there. Chao is living in Lexington, and Ting, his wife, is living in Montana, where she is doing medical research. Chao just got back recently from a visit to see Ting. They "visit" regularly with Alex on the computer--thank God for things like Skype!

Chao just learned that Alex has pneumonia. His immune system is extremely weakened, and they don't know why. The medication they are giving him to treat the pneumonia is making him sick to his stomach--just not a good situation in any way. Chao is very worried about his precious son. He told me he would be willing to give his whole immune system to Alex, if it would make him well, and knowing how Chao feels about Alex, I know he would do it.

Please pray that Alex will be healed, that this family can be reunited, and pray for Chao's parents in China, Rue and her husband, who are taking care of precious BaBa so far away from his parents.

I am thanking you in advance, as I know you are folks who know the power of prayer. Love to all, and God bless.

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