Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He LIKED it! Yay, Kenny!

Some of you may know the commercial starring little Mikey, who would eat anything. That's the reference in the title, although it has nothing to do with eating.

I have a friend named Kenny who has an artificial eye. I have known Kenny for years, and I didn't know this about him until this summer. Most of my loyal readers know I work at the hospital as a "pink lady" four or five days a month. The last day I worked, the day before Halloween, the hospital gift shop was selling all their Halloween stuff half-price. I had a look at the junk and found one item I really liked. It had been a hot seller, and there were only two left in stock. The woman running the shop said the kids really liked this particular item. I bought one, intending to give it to one of my sons-in-law (which I did).

I took it back to the front desk and showed it to the lady I was working with. She laughed at it and asked me who I was going to give it to. I told her--she thought that was pretty cute. As I sat there, I thought and thought about the poor leftover item back in the store and decided I had to have it too. When I told her what I was intending to do with it, she said, "You wouldn't."

Well, tonight when we were at church, David asked me, "Don't you have something for Kenny?" I sent him back out to the car to retrieve the item. He came back in and handed it to me. I went over to Kenny and said, "I have something for you--you might be able to use it sometime." He took one look in the bag and laughed and laughed.

Okay, so you're wondering--or maybe you're smart enough to figure out already--what was in the bag. A sticky, gooky artificial eye.

Kenny's wife came up then and shared this story with us. Another man who attends our church also has a glass eye. He had been a basketball coach for a good portion of his adult life. One night, he felt the refereeing of the game had been pretty biased against his team. Towards the end of the game after one particularly bad call, he walked out onto the court, plucked out his false eye, and handed it to the ref. "Here. You need this worse than I do." Then he walked off the court.

Love to all, and God bless.

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Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

That's funny!

Miss you all so much, and Jamie and I will be missing you guys and thinking of you and everyone in Corbin on Thanksgiving Day, wishing we could be there with you!

I miss my Kentucky family!