Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving dinner, the pajama party and Friday's lunch gathering

We had a good Thanksgiving at Caroline's this year. Our crew was a little later than we had intended in getting there (closer to 3:30 than 3, when the meal was supposed to take place), and a little smaller than we had intended (7 rather than 10), but we still were able to put together a good feast and a good time. We had plenty of food from the folks who were gathered there. Michael made one really great cheesecake and three chess pies, which for sure took honors in the dessert category! There were a number of good salads and raw vegetable dishes, plus a number of vegetable dishes (including cushaw), as well as the traditional turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. I contributed my hash brown casserole, purposely baked in a disposable pan so that I didn't have to bring back the leftovers, the traditionally forgotten jello salad (which was remembered again this year, so maybe the tradition is coming to an end), a new corn salad recipe I invented this year, scalloped oysters (parsley rather than cilantro this year), pumpkin cookies and cool whip, country ham (cooked and sliced by Mr. Mac and arranged by David), and two-bean green beans (green and kidney), also cooked by David. What a feed! And a very limited amount of stuff to bring back--a few cookies, some beans, and a little corn salad.

We entertained ourselves after dinner with a musicale. Virgil played guitar, accompanied by Laurel and Margaret (alternating) on the keyboard, and we sang hymns from a variety of hymnals. That is always fun, since not all the hymns are in each book, and when they are, the verses may vary. I kept Jennifer laughing by making up lyrics to hymns that didn't happen to be in our book (or had different lyrics, if they were). Actually, the adults had a pretty good time, just sitting around singing. Aunt Caroline was obviously not feeling well (she had a cold), since very little dancing took place. Aunt Margaret did get up and do some sort of Baptist-approved version of Caroline's country dancing--I even got it on video.

After the musicale, we headed back to Georgetown. Margaret rode with David and me, Jamethan rode with his mom and Everett, and Ann and Daniel brought up the caboose--well, who really knows which one was caboose? I just know we beat the "kids" here. We started setting up sleeping arrangements as soon as we got home: Jenn and Jamie, our bedroom; Daniel and Ann, guest bedroom; Everett, camp mat in the computer room; and everyone else (Margaret, David and me), the living room--Margaret on the hide-a-bed, David in the recliner, and me on the couch. Only no one was ready to sleep. Although we were back by 10:30, it was close to 2 by the time everyone was in bed. We were all curled up in the living room for quite a while, just chatting. Margaret said she was just loving the pajama party, so we kept at it, way too late for normal folks.

This morning, it was really difficult to get going again. We had intentions of going out at the stroke of 9 to buy a new dryer, but it was more like 10:30 or 11 when I went over to Goodyear and cast the deciding vote. I think we've picked a winner, and I hope it will be delivered this afternoon, before Mt. Washmore topples over and floods the basement with dirty clothes. Then I stopped at the grocery to pick up some things for the lunch we had planned with Sam, Ting, and Alex. I had wanted to buy a pumpkin pie, but there was not one to be found in Kroger's, nor was there any Cool Whip to use in a punch bowl cake! Last minute menu changes aren't always fun.

Soon after I got back from the store, David started cooking, Jenn and Jamie made plans to head to Mt. Sterling to see her aunt and uncle, Daniel left to experience the Black Friday shopping rush, David Roth called to tell us he was on the way to pick up his mom, and Glynda called to say she would definitely be here by 1:00. That meant 11 for dinner, at the kitchen table which seats 6. What to do? David kept cooking. Ann started unpacking china and silverware from the bottom of the hall tree. Dishes were washed. Clean tablecloths were located, as well as napkins. Still not enough seats...David said, don't worry, and kept cooking. The kids were sent on an expedition to locate a table in the basement--there are at least three possibilities, and they chose the correct one, with a little guidance from David. Then they brought it upstairs, cleaned it up, moved the hide-a-bed in the living room, and set up the table. Now there was enough seating for all concerned!

Good thing, too, because Sam, Ting, and Alex were ringing the doorbell. Pretty soon we were all seated at the two tables, one in the kitchen and one in the living room, dining on chicken and dumplings, California-blend vegetables, yeast rolls, green beans, and corn salad. Little Alex ate as much as they put in his bowl, and seemed to love every bite of it! He also enjoyed looking through the toy box and discovering the Grandfather clock and rhythm band instruments he had played with when he was here before. It was a good, relaxing, enjoyable meal, even though there was a HUGE amount of dish washing and furniture moving to be done.

Once again, I have to express a huge thanks to God for my wonderful husband. I sliced my thumb on a box of Press and Seal yesterday, and it is acting a little on the verge of infected today, so I am trying to keep it clean and out of the dish pan. He stepped right up to the plate, chopping everything, dishing it up in two sets of serving dishes, one for the kitchen, one for the other table, and making sure there was enough food for all. I love him so much. I know there are a million men for every one David--I'm so glad I got him.

Love to all, and God bless.

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