Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Phone pranks

Nope, never did any myself, but I've surely heard of a few good ones.

Our current "prank" is the way David answers the phone. If you call our house and hear, "This is me. Is that you?", you'll know David's there. He did that today to a person from another country (which shall remain nameless), a rep for Bellsouth, and the poor person did not know how to reply. That one wasn't on her flowchart.

My brother Mike and some of his friends were excellent at phone pranking. One time they kept the 411 operator occupied for quite a while, trying to get a phone number and address for a friend--they claimed to not know the last name or address, except "down the road from ---". Used to be, long time ago, you didn't get in trouble for stuff like that. Mike had all the fun I wanted to have when I was a child.

The girls (and most of my readers know who I mean) used to call infomercials to ask about products. The younger one once called a 12 step plan and said she didn't have enough money to buy the whole plan, but did they have a six step one? She might could afford that. There were a lot more details, but those ought to be enough to get your memories flowing about the stuff you did. Love you all, and God bless.


Anonymous said...

Nobody does phone pranks as well as ol' Bart Simpson, though.

annalu alulu said...

I don't remember that (if it was indeed me), but I do remember making prank calls from the church quite often with other members of teh youth group. I wonder now why we had so much free time to get ourselves into trouble at church. Seems like we should have been chaperoned in some way.

Becca said...

Nah, it was fun having all that time. Don't we need an opportunity to behave correctly without coercion?

Besides, I think Becky may have joined us on some of those prank calls. Or maybe Scott started it.

Anonymous said...

As to Homer Simpson, wonder if that was where the paging of Stu Pidhasso came from.

Lydia said...

we were trying to get them to play our calls on tv