Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day1

We just came back from eating breakfast with Aniel (or Ann and Daniel) at the Cracker Barrel. It was a great chance to just sit around and visit, drink coffee, and eat too much. David overheard someone wishing the waitress a happy Memorial Day and commented something like this, "Well, I guess it would be a happy Memorial Day, except for remembering Mom, Dad, and all those other folks who have died." So I guess we ought to be careful to whom we wish a happy Memorial Day!

Speaking of Memorial Day and associated customs: My mom and I used to love to shop, and not just malls! My favorite stores were Dollar Stores, Big Lots, the Dollar Tree, those bargain-hunters' paradises. Often in the days preceding Memorial Day, I would pick up a really tacky plastic flower display that boldly said Mother and carry it over to Mom. I would tell her, "Here's what I'm getting you for Mother's Day!" Now mind you, I was an adult, way old enough to know what I was doing. She would back off, laughing the whole time, and say, "Don't you get me that tacky thing!" Now I have an almost irresistable urge to buy one and plant it on her grave. Maybe she would come back for just a moment and fuss at me.

A great Memorial Day memory: Daddy and I would ride over to Shelbyville, to the cemetary with a load of peonies from their back yard. Then we would drive around the cemetary until we found the "family plot" by the water tower. We would get out of the car with the bucket of peonies, and Daddy would lovingly place some on each of his family graves. I remember what he said when he put flowers on Grandmother's grave: "These are for you, Mama. I know you didn't want any plastic flowers on your grave." Maybe that's why I am so drawn to putting plastic flowers on my mama's grave, but probably it would be better to take some real flowers to Shelbyville for the old folks' graves there. Morbid enough to suit you?

Really, we plan to celebrate M.D. in style, at Libby's for a cookout. Ann convinced me that would be the way Granny would want it done. Love you, and God Bless.


Lydia said...

If you post these special stories often, then I know I'm really going to enjoy your blog. I love peonies. Did Granny have them when I used to visit in LaGrange? I think they are absolutely beautiful flowers. And, no, Granny won't leave Heaven to come and fuss at you for putting a plastic flower on her grave, so you might as well go ahead and put some real ones there. I love you!

Jenn Hacker said...

I put a windchime on my mommy/sister's graves (they're buried side by side). I kept trying to plant flowers, but other relatives who get to go there more often kept pulling them up thinking weeds were growing! So I gave up and got a shepherd's hook and a windchime and put them there. Mom always loved windchimes! (I couldn't put plastic flowers because the cemetery doesn't allow them). I think your mommy would be glad to know you put anything on her grave at all, whether it be plastic flowers or real ones. Love ya!