Monday, May 29, 2006

The family of God

I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God. I'm also glad I'm a part of the family of Banta/Hatfield. We just returned from a "cookout" (which turned out to be a cook-in--no grill)with my dear, dear cousin Libby and her family. There were folks there who were related by blood or by marriage, even folks who were once related by marriage and are now just related by love, and several good brothers and sisters who were only related because we were brothers or sisters in Christ.

We (David and I) had the privilege of taking our good friend Sam and his little boy Alex with us. Sam is one of our friends from the Plum Tree. He wrote to me this weekend that his wife, Ting, had gone to Seattle for the week, and he was taking care of Alex by himself. I sent him my home and cell phone numbers and also sent him an invitation to go to Libby's with us today. David and I thoroughly enjoyed our ride into Louisville with Sam and Precious Baby. I promised Sam that there would be at least six mama's there to help him with Alex--I hope they helped. I got to hold Alex several times myself, and boy, did it stir up desires to hold my own little grandbaby! Sam said he hadn't been to a party in quite a while, and he seemed to enjoy the activity.

Anyway, do you suppose that is what Heaven is going to be like? A continuous party with all the folks we hold near and dear? And most wonderful of all, with Jesus? Ponder that--Love you, and God bless.


Jenn Hacker said...

I've often said that my mom and sister are up in Heaven having a good time, pulling on Moses' beard and playing practical jokes on everyone. I think it will be a party with all those we love!

Lydia said...

Good blog,mom!!Imagine how good that party was and Heaven is an infinite amount better than even that! Of course, part of what will make it so much better is that all those people will be there along with others who used to be part of the party and have preceeded us to their great reward.

I can't wait for you to hold your grandbaby, either! She's gonna love her Granny tons and tons!

annalu alulu said...

i think it's neat that in heaven we'll all be blood relatives