Sunday, June 22, 2008

My addiction

I really don't mind admitting that I have an addiction to a certain web site, Rocks in My Dryer. I just love to read this blog, especially on Wednesdays, when the host does something called "Works for Me Wednesday". There are so many interesting little hints on there. I'm not sure exactly what is involved in "posting" your hint on her blog, but last week almost 275 folks figured out how to do it and left their helpful hints.

Some of those folks have posted before, so I sort of "know" about them and their families. It's interesting to see how they are doing, from one week to the next. Many of them are Christian, quite a few are stay-at-home moms who home-school, and many are trying to save money in interesting ways. Once a month, they have a themed day when everyone is supposed to put in an idea that goes along with a certain theme, such as beating summer boredom. And sometimes there are days when folks pose requests for help rather than suggestions. It's kind of fun to read a request, think of a response, look at the comments, and realize someone else has had the very same thought you did!

I'm afraid I spend too much time reading Rocks in my Dryer, but I sure don't mind recommending it as a way to beat summer boredom!

Love to all, and God bless.

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Tara said...

You read Rocks in my Dryer? Love that one.

Bubba came out for the fourth. Once Jim recovered from the near death experience of hearing him enter the door they had a great time. Did I mention that I got Everett here without Jim knowing he was coming???

Partway through the weekend we noted that I have never met you. We decided that if y'all came to Chicago we would too. Then someone mentioned that y'all would probably enjoy coming to MN instead. At any rate, if it works for you and the husband to come to the midwest sometime we'd love to see you!