Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun for the family

David and I have a busy Saturday. Right now, he is fixing the bathtub faucet, which has been dripping since yesterday when I took a shower. I almost called him at work--I had tried as hard as I could, but I couldn't get the thing to stop dripping. He told me (after he got home from work) that he had the same problem after his shower the day before--it just wouldn't stop. He would have to put washers in the faucet.

Today, being Saturday, he has a little free time on his hands (very little, actually), so he is going to work on the faucets. First, he had to find his plumbing supplies. When he went to the basement and looked on the tool bench, they weren't readily visible. So he moved a small quilted travel bag to look under the bag. "Gee, this is heavy." He opened it and found that one of our daughters (probably the one who is here more often) had assembled a small plumbing repair kit for him. Great! Of course, once he had shut off the water and disassembled the faucet, he found that the size washer he needed was missing. That and something or other else that he needed...which meant a trip to the hardware store.

He headed out the front door and casually asked me if I were interested in going with him. Gee, I really love to go to the hardware store! (Never have enjoyed it, as a matter of fact) But at least this one has the advantage of being next door to Salvation Army's thrift store. So I agreed to get dressed (it is 12:00, mind you, and I know I should have already been dressed, but...) and went with him.

When we got to the hardware store, we found the parking lot was taken up in part by a motorcycle rally of some sort! If you know David, you know that next to me and his family, he probably loves looking at motorcycles better than about anything else in the world. Hooray for him! (Next to shopping at hardware stores, looking at motorcycles is on my list of things I hate) BUT along with the motorcycles, they also had a rummage sale! Not only was there one with the motorcycles, there was one over by the storage building display and one in front of the hardware store! All right! Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

I headed for the storage buildings and started looking through boxes on flatbed trailers. There were some small Hispanic children there (along with their mothers) who were also looking through things. We spent a few minutes pulling stuff out of boxes and showing it to each other and exclaiming about how wonderful it was (it really wasn't), and then we found some books. If there's anything I'm a sucker for, it's children's books. I didn't see anything that grabbed my attention right away, but one of the little girls found an I Spy book. She was really excited, since it had numbers in it. She didn't know about looking for the other little pictures, and she got even more excited when she discovered that part of the fun. We went from the beginning through the page with the 6 on it before I left her to her fun. I do hope her mom bought the book. I imagine she would, though, since she had been watching us and smiling. Even her little siblings were getting involved, trying to find things. Like I said, fun for the family.

Well, pretty soon we need to quit our morning activities and get dressed up a little. We are going to a golden wedding anniversary celebration this afternoon for Kate and Quint, good friends from church. After that, we are heading to a wedding; April, the little girl who grew up next door to us and is now 32, is getting married, and I promised Lydia I would take some pictures.

Everyone, have a good Saturday--love to all, and God bless.

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Lydia said...

Tell Daddy I love going in hardware stores these days because the smell reminds me of him! I can walk around in Ace Hardware and Lowes for hours probably just smelling the store. My favorite memories from childhood are walking through the houses daddy used to help build and smelling the fresh wood, paint, carpet, drywall, anything that had to do with building.

I really should've taken a career along that path!