Monday, May 14, 2007

What is a Meme? How do you gak one?

ABCs of Tooz

Available or single: Why does it say that? Did Everett mess up? I am neither available nor single.

Best friend: David

Cake or pie?: Neither--I love bar cookies better than either, especially the lemon ones at the Plum Tree.

Drink of choice: Diet Big K cola

Essential items: When I leave the house, it's wallet, keys. Since Sunday morning when my wallet was MIA, I have felt so so so so incomplete. Thank God, David took me up to church and I located it under my chair in the choir loft.

Favorite color: Like I have one! I used to always say brown and I still like it a lot.

Gummy bears or worms: Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and I don't care for gummy chocolate anything.

Hometown: Simpsonville, KY--anyone ever hear of it? My daddy and I both had the same hometown.

Indulgence: Wasting time on this computer

January or February: I think maybe January--usually that's when it snows in KY, and we used to sometimes get snow days.

Kids: Everett, Lydia, Geron, Ann, Daniel, Jennifer, Jamethan, Cora...Three I birthed.

Life is incomplete without: Jesus. You said it, Everett.

Marriage date: September 18, 1970--before almost all of you were born.

Number of siblings: One brother, three sisters-in-law along with him (not all three at the same time), and three sisters-in-law that came along with David

Oranges or apples: Depends. Good apples would score over bad oranges, and vice versa. If they're apples, they need to be firm and tart. If they're oranges, they need to be juicy, and preferably seedless.

Phobias or fears: Bats. They scare the poot out of me. I will leave a room or a place if I know there are bats there.

Quote: "You're a braver/finer (whatever) man than I, Gunga Din." (And no, I probably didn't spell it right.)

Reasons to smile: Funny people and beautiful babies. Remembering my daddy on the mechanical pony at Pigeon Forge; remembering Geron blowing the noodlehorn in the produce section of the grocery at Pigeon Forge; remembering my mother "shooting" trucks with an ice scraper on the way home from Gatlinburg; remembering my daughter cutting loose with a whoopie cushion on the way home from Gatlinburg--most memories of vacations in Tennessee.

Season: Fall--I used to love to ride my pony in the fall (another reason to smile!)

Tag three: Anyone left who hasn't been tagged yet?

Unknown fact about me: I won the Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year award my senior year in high school. That is why David married me--he thought I could cook. Wrong.

Vegetarian or oppressor of animals: Equal-opportunity glutton

Worst habit: Toss-up between sloth and procrastination, which, in my case, leads to sloth.

X rays or Ultrasounds: I think I like ultrasounds better, especially the kind of ultrasound therapy I got for a while on my game leg.

Your favorite food: Popcorn with butter and garlic salt.

Zodiac: I believe I was born under the sign of yesterday.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Awwww, thank you Momma Tooz! Love you great big bunches!

- BTW, thought you'd like to know that Jamie insists on me washing that Time Warp Trio t-shirt you sent him at least twice a week so he can wear it more than once a week. If I'd agree to washing it more often, he'd wear it every day!

lydia said...

Did you leave off a sister-in-law on purpose or were you just referring to the ones still living? And is Mary Lynn your sister, too? Seems to me that you have a few more siblings left uncounted.

I love you anyway!

Tooz said...

Yeah, I left Weasie off on purpose. I couldn't figure out how to word that. So if I were to correct it, I would have four sisters-in-law that came with David, but only three still living. Love you.

Tara said...

How's the house project? How's the blood sugar coming? I saw some "stuffed animal" Peeps at ToysRUs after Easter. Thought of you! :)

somebody who loves you, ya old fart! said...

Blog again, ya old fart!


Define that one, would ya?