Saturday, July 01, 2006

Reunion update

We decided not to go to the Brumback reunion. Libby called David while I was out running errands and said she and Dexter weren't going. When I got home, I talked to Linda. She hadn't left LaGrange yet, so she didn't go to the official Brumback reunion either. It just isn't the fun it used to be. There are so few people there that I know--David seems to know more of them than I do. And we never see them or contact them during the year--no phone calls, no Christmas cards. We do occasionally run into Franklin at Libby's.

I believe Libby's house is our new reunion headquarters. We are going there tomorrow after church. We do have to stay at church for the whole service, though, since the choir is singing. I believe, just for old time's sake, that I may wear a skirt and a shirt, with a pair of shorts underneath--or at least in a bag in the car! I'm not sure what I'll take--maybe a broccoli slaw. David says we won't take dessert, that there is always plenty of that--and boy, is he right!

Tuesday, the official Mitral Valve Birthday, Libby invited us to come to Louisville again and to bring Sam, Ting, and baby Alex with us. Sam said they were looking forward to the "party". We'll probably bring Aniel too, since they are supposed to be in town Monday afternoon and night. Libby said there wouldn't be as many folks there, since the main part of her clan was gathering on Sunday. I know there are folks who will enjoy the change of pace from the usual gatherings.

I love you all, and God bless.


Jenn Hacker said...

Have fun and be careful! I'm not related, but I too really enjoy all your stories about growing up and stuff. And even though I don't know 7/8 of the people you talk about, I still get a kick out of them.

Love ya bunches!

Just Julez said...

What is this Mitral Valve Birthday?

I used to love going to the Brawner Family Reunion. We'd come down from Dayton the day before, and stay at what used to be Holiday Inn across from Juniper Hills Park. Daddy and the uncles would all go golfing and we'd spend the day in the pool, then we'd all go to Saylor's for supper.

Oh, and the actual reunion was fun, too :)